Meet Children's Author Darryl Silver

Then a silly question popped in her head she said it out loud and this is what she said. What do you get when you cross an Okapi with a Bunny? I think it would be a mess but I bet you could guess 

-Excerpt from the  book Poppi the Okapi

Copyright 2022 Darryl M. Silver. All rights reserved.

Poppi the Okapi  is Darryl's big debut. What began as an impromptu game at the zoo for his three kids slowly blossomed into a super fun and playful children's book. He is currently working on his untitled sophomore effort. We can't wait to see what imaginative yarn he weaves next!

WE are proud to announce that 25% of all profits of the book will go to the OCP. 

Poppi is dedicated to saving and preserving Okapis! 

Please check out The Okapi Conservation Page to learn more.!